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We specialise in themed party products for all events and occasions; from New Baby and Baby Shower celebrations, to Kids Birthday, Hen's Night, WeddingsChristmas and other seasonal events.  Our range of professional, decorator quality Latex Balloons is just about the biggest and most varied available on the market.  We have added, a huge range of themed Tableware, Table Covers and Foil Balloons with matching Decorations, whatever your excuse for having  a party. We even have a collection of Costumes which is growing steadily. 

So if you are planning a Baby Shower, Kids Birthday Party, Hen's Night, Wedding or just about any special occasion, we are sure you will find that we have Funky Stuff @ Funky Prices.

So start planning that Baby Shower, Birthday Party or other event now and take advantage of our everyday low prices.

Discounts and FREE Helium

We offer discounts to regular and repeat customers. Customers in South East Queensland can get Balloons they buy from our site filled for free (fair use policy limit applies (4 Balloons per customer per day) - Airwalkers excluded) at our trading partners Balloons By The Bay in Cleveland. Just print out a copy of your FunkyShop.com.au order confirmation and take it with you.

Order more and Save on Shipping

The more you order the less you pay for Shipping so if you are having a Baby Shower, plan your other Kids Birthday Party at the same time and save $$$. 

Funky Tips for a Funky Party

Why are you having a party? Are you celebrating a birthday or a recognized event (e.g. Australia Day. St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas or New Year's Eve)? Maybe you were just throwing a house party to get together with your friends.You really need to consider the following regardless of the reason for the party:
age appropriateness, decorations, theme, dress, location, food, beverages, who to invite, and how many people you'd like to invite and how you invite them!
Birthday parties: Some examples of prominent ages to celebrate with a great party are: 1st 10-12, 16, 18, 21 40, 50.
Seasonal parties: These parties are centered close to or on the date of seasonal events – 4th July, Christmas, New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and Halloween are the most prominent of seasonal occasions that are celebrated with a wild party!
After-parties: An after-party is just that--a party that is thrown after a concert or show.
Singles parties: These parties are for the single and ready to mingle!
Sports parties: A sports party is often placed on the day that the Grand Finals take place for the AFL or NRL, State of Origin or World Cup’s for any code
House parties: House parties are simple, laid-back parties to just get friends together and to have a good time. These types of parties are often thrown on Friday and Saturday nights – but often benefit from themes, such as Pirate, Luau, Mexican.
OtherBaby Shower, Hen's Night, Engagement, Anniversary
Age appropriateness. With each type of party, it is important to keep in mind the age limit and attitude of each party.  A birthday party for a 16-year-old is very different than a single's party or a New Year's Eve party. When throwing a party for someone who is under the age of 18, keep it clean and non-sexual with fun activities to do. Even better, have  it at a place that hosts teenage parties such as a Bowling Alley, Cinema, Theme Park, Laser Battles, Pizza place, etc.

Alcohol and Kids don’t mix! 

Venue. Think about where you are going to hold your party according to the idea behind it. Some options include: your house, your parent’s place, somewhere outdoors, at a bar/club, at a restaurant etc. If you are looking to throw a party in a residential area, make sure that the neighbors are okay with what you're doing, think about the impact of loud music, car parking, car doors closing and large amounts of people saying goodbye. It’s a good idea to do a litter sweep of the area early the next day. 
Who to invite? You want to make sure you invite all your closest friends before adding acquaintances.  Consider the impact of adding a +1 to the invite.  This means your guests have the option to bring a friend that you may or may not know - which can be a little risky. If you are having family at your party, it is suggested that you keep the guest list limited it to your close friends. You don't want to have to explain unknown party attendants to your Father now do you?.
How many to invite?  Parties that accumulate more than 30 to 40 people tend to get out of hand. To help, ask a couple of your good friends to help control the party or consider employing security.  Be careful advertising the party on Social Media such as Facebook – you may end up with a lot of uninvited guests, including the Police…. That said – it is a good idea to register you party with the local Police – it can make things easier later especially if things get out of hand.
Theme or no theme? Themed parties can make it easier for your guests to feel comfortable and part of the group. Themed parties are fun parties! If you are throwing a seasonal party, then ask your guests to dress according to the season. If you are throwing a themed birthday or house party, some popular and successful themes are: 1970s, Disco, Luau, Mexican, Pirate, Jungle and Cowboy.  For those aged over 18, you may wish to consider throwing a 'sexy' costume party, especially at Halloween.
Catering. The easiest way to cater for your party is to ask people to bring a plate or dish to share.  You may wish to get them to check in with you first to ensure you don’t end up with too many sausage rolls and not enough cupcakes to go round!  Use disposable plates matched to your theme from our Tableware range.  Don’t use your favourite china, it is bound to get broken.
Drinks. Most people will bring their own drink supply and an Esky.  You may want to consider providing ice tubs and ice and plastic glassware which you can throw away at the end. Search for Glassware in our  Tableware range.  You should provide some soft drinks, maybe a fruit punch and consider hiring a Cocktail or Slushie Machine.
Decorations. Decorations should be based on the party theme or excuse for having  the party. Check out our vast range of Funky Priced themed party decorations – you may wish to refine your results using our powerful Search Tool above.  Make sure you decorate your party well.   More is better - nothing worse than not being able to tell what the theme is.  If your guests feel like they really are at the Grand Final or Sate of Origin they will have even more fun.
Activites.  Get organised early Party Games, Secret Santa, Pool Party (bring your togs?), Karaoke, XBox and Playstation Competitions, Poker, Big Screen for the Big Game, Disco Lights and Effects…. Are kids coming – whose supervising them
Music. Karaoke or DJ, IPod or IPad Docking, YouTube or MTV – Disco Lights and Effects.  The bigger the Party the bigger the sound needs, but don’t forget that you need quiet space for people to escape and chat.  Also – don’t forget to warn you neighbours and to set appropriate quiet and cut off times. 
Finally. Make sure you enjoy it – you deserve it.  You did the hard work make sure you get to see everyone and socialize – don’t feel you need to force things to happen – just chill it will all be ok!

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